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I've put some of my most popular hose here for you to browse. They are all first quality, seamless, flat weave or mesh.

Size availability is listed below each picture. Please double check before sending any money.

I can ship up to three pairs for $3.00 domestic or $5.00 International.

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The Devil Made Me Do It... Gorgeous flame red stockings, available in seamed and seamless. I'm not sure yet what sizes I have, shoot me an email and I'll check.

$12.00 & $18.00 seamed


Seamed Charcoal stockings. I'm not sure yet what sizes I have, shoot me an email and I'll check. Also available in seamless.

$12.00 & $18.00 seamed


If you want that 1940's dark-tan look these are the ones for you. Seamed, flat knit, top quality.

Available in size 9, length 32".



Click on the picture for a closeup of these pretty stockings.

Dark beige, 30 denier seamless mesh. These dark beige stockings are excellent for everyday wear, still quite sheer at 30 denier with reinforced heels and toes. I'm pretty sure I have these in every size.

$15.00 Box of 3 pairs

SALE PRICE $10.00 for 3 pairs

ships without the box


Absolutely gorgeous blue stockings available in seamless mesh, varied sizes.



Very dark seamed stockings "Hampshire Hosiery". 15 denier, flat knit, available in size 9 & 10 Average.



Sultry French White

These are available in size 9.5 and 11. They are RHT. These stockings are some of my favorites: They compare to Bone in color, and they even out my skin tones without completely covering my natural coloring. They have a bit of shimmer to them. These are also available in color Bone, Irregular. If you purchase the irregulars you'll get two pairs for the price!~



Lily of France

These dark Lily of France stockings come in several difference colors, depending your size requirements. I have 9, 9.5 and 10. The colors are all quire dark. I can email you a somewhat less-prefessional looking image if you'd like.



Dusty TaupeCloud flat weave stockings in size 10



Warm & Sexy

Almond mesh stockings with Reinforced heels and toes. These are a very warm, bright color, almost cinnamon, but brighter. They're a gorgeous color. Size 9.5.



Extra Long "Mini Look Stockings For Your Mini"

They are color camel, Size 9. These mini look stockings are also available in Grey, size 8.5, and a couple other select colors.



Soft, dark, almost kakhi-colored stockings that will definitely change color depending on your wardrobe. This unusual color is a chameleon. If you are a red head, expect these to have a green undercolor. If you are brunette, they might appear more red. They are high-quality, seamed stockings, made with DuPont nylon. 15 Denier.

Available in size 9 x 32




A flirty blush beige called "Sand". They have demi toes and cradle-style reinforced heels. These are size 10.5 x 33. Very soft mesh.



Dark & Sultry

Soft and dark 60's "off-Black" rht stockings. These are very soft mesh. The size is 11 x 34.



3 Pairs

Size 11.5 XL "bone" stockings in 60's mesh. These are very soft. The color is a light off-white, on the dusty side. I can see it with anything velvet!

3 pairs for $30.00


A box of size 10 long "Rosetone" stockings by Bestmade. These are first quality, seamless mesh with reinforced heels and toes. The color is a bright, soft blush. 400 needle, 15 denier. The size is 10 x 34.

Box of 3 pairs: $30.00

By the pair: $10.00


Off Black or Cinder in Size 10, 10.5, 11. These are Reinforced heel and toes, Average length.



Sexy White RHT Nurse Stockings

Whether you're really a nurse, or you just like to play dress-up, these these sexy white stockings are sure to get your patient's blood pressure going!

Size 11, length average. Also available in smaller sizes.



MARTINIQUE Taupe (pictured), or "Smoke", which is a very dark Taupe. These diamond textured stockings have nude heels and demi toes. Size 11 x 35. The color is warm and the texture is very smooth: smoother than mesh. These durable stockings are going to give the illusion of slimmer, longer legs!



"Cinnamon" Stockings in Size 9.5. These have a reinforced toe and heel.The color is a bit more intense than my photos. Seamless Mesh.



A Rich, dark near-black, these velvety seamed stockings will not last! They are flat knit, ultra-sheer 15 denier, cuban heeled, and have all the fine markings of good stockings: key hole welts, darning marks, and "DuPont" stamps. Right now I can only get my hands on size 10 x 33.



Quality Stockings

Bargain Stockings

$5.00 Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose

Vintage Pantyhose Glossary

Peds, Knee Hi's and Other Oddities!

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