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$5.00 Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose

Generally there's only one pair left here, so "call ahead"
and make sure they havn't already found a home.


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$5.00 Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose

Vintage Pantyhose Glossary

Peds, Knee Hi's and Other Oddities!

It's what you've been searching for.


These white on white tattoo pantyhose have a little plastic rhinestone on the ankle. One Size fits all, 5'-5'10", 90-165lbs.
$7.00 SALE $4.00


Main Line mesh stockings in size 10.5. These are RHT, in a dust grey.


Navy, Tall, Control Top. These are very wearable, cut and sewn brief, which means they have a fabulous nylon panty. You'll be able to cut away the legs when they get runs. These would be on my main page if they were just a bit older.


Sexy Ultra Sheer pantyhose. These have a look and feel more like stockings. Off Black, extra tall.


Lace Bikini

Lace Bikini pantyhose for the fetishist. The panties are funky & sexy: I put a pair on my mannequin for you to see. Available in Smlal only, Color is Beige Tone.

Old school RHT Stretch Stockings

Sheer stretch stockings available in Tall, (10.5-11) Expresso and Petite, (8-9) beige


She's wearing leather shorts, a chain belt, and her bike is absolutley gorgeous. These chocolate brown Fruit of The Loom tights are tall, (5'6" and over). They have a pattern and are heavy, thick winter tights.


RHT Stockings

Size Petite, 8-9

Reliable and made in the good ol' US of A!

Size Small, A nice warm Taupe.

Sultry Canadian

These catherine's are straight from Canada. The picture is a bit crime-scene-ish. One size fits most.


These dark coffee mesh nylons are marked as irregular. All I can find wrong with them is a small irregularity in the stitching, about 1/16th of an inch wide. Size is 9


BREAK ON THROUGH (Stockings) (M)

what amazing graphics! I couldn't believe these when I saw them. She's busting through a big sheet of paper. The stockings are jet black, size 8.5-11, soft stretch, agilon style. available in several sizes, also available in other colors, just let me know what you want and I'll see if I have it.

Thigh Hi's for a Bondage Specialist

These thigh highs are probably only about 15 years old, and we've come a long way since they made these. The tops are like some sort of medical equipment: well over an inch of heavy, thick elastic in a nice warn taupe. One size fits most.


French Canadian Stockings

Micro-mesh 9.5, absolutly perfect packaging in French and English.

That Girl

Opaque stockings are not always easy to find, and these are nice ones. They're super soft, good and stretchy, like a pair of DKNY tights you'd buy today, only not quite as opaque. These are available in size b, 8.5-9.5. Colors: Rust, (pictured) and Java, a deep dark coffee.


2 pairs of Foil-a-Run agilon stockings for size 10-10.5-11. The packages are rough, but still sealed. A great bargain!

Tights for a Princess.

Ribbed, heavy duty tights from the 70's for girls size 12-14. A sort of deep, denim blue. Absolutly great package photo of two wild girls who probably had to be bribed to hold still for the two-seconds it took to take the pic!

Playmate "99'er" Stockings

What great packaging. These Playmate micromesh stockings are white, size 9, and quite soft. The outer packaging is a tiny bit worn but the stockings are in mint condition.





Cinnamon stockings in seamfree micro mesh. A great, strong color. Size 8.5.


Whoa! Shop Rite Dura-Wizard Sheer Seamless Stretch Stockings!

The graphics on these stockings are most assuredly supermarket, which is what makes them so attractive to me. Bold and liberated yet sensual, A beautifull woman who knows a bargain when she sees one. Very 70's. Size is 8.5-11, Color Taupe, (very dark).


Gorgeous, flat knit stockings in size 10. Sharnay made some great quality hose, and these are no exception.These have a special welt with a sort of belted stretch area. Very unusual!


Magic Web Daysheer

These are not quite opaque, but are not sheer either. The brief is the same as the hose: not sheer, not quite opaque.


Through a Vasaline Lens Lightly

These sheer stockings are a nice bone color,
Size 8.5-11, crush stretch style.


Space Oddity

These 1X-2X pantyhose have a bit of lycra in them. Control top.

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Quality Stockings

Bargain Stockings

$5.00 Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose
Vintage Pantyhose Glossary

Peds, Knee Hi's and Other Oddities!

It's what you've been searching for.